Heyyy! I'm Makena.

I'm a systems expert, automations specialist, and spreadsheet enthusiast. 

Wondering if you need systems support? 

Having systems support in your business will create ease, alleviate overwhelm, reduce decision fatigue, and give you more time.

Systems don't have to be 

hard or overly complicated.


Overwhelmed by all the different system options and not sure which to use?
Wondering how to set up an opt-in?
Need to know how to move your leads to a new platform?

This one hour call is yours to get step by step directions for any system support you need. Afterward you'll receive the call relay and written notes to continue implementing what we go over. 

Coming soon

Email funnels are an amazing tool for your marketing! It helps reach your clients (and future clients) when they are more likely to act and purchase your offer!

This three part training will walk you through setting up a funnel and help you learn how to utilize your emails to target leads. Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the jargon used in email marketing? Don't worry, we'll cover that too!


It takes a lot to run your business! You want to stay in your zone of genius, but constantly have to deal with the tech side of your business. 

Whether you need help with your email marketing, website, online course platform, or automation, I'm your girl!  My books are currently full, but sign up below and I'll reach out when I have availability!